Situated near the village of Althorne, Essex, Clayhill Vineyard sits on the south facing slopes of the Crouch Vale  with its clay soils running down to the river.  On a coastal peninsula and positioned between the rivers Crouch & Blackwater gives Clayhill Vineyard the advantage of a mesoclimate.  This brings mild winters and hot dry summers, which will help us to produce quality grapes for quality wines.





Clayhill Vineyard

where grape stuff happens . . . .

Juicy grapes

with sugars laden

ripe for wine

a feast for birds

In shadows now

the vineyard sleeps

on morrow comes

the harvest

I crush the grapes

with purple feet

and wine flows

from their sorrow

I raise my glass

to ideas lost

on foggy nights

when no one listened


         by Jack Keller, Jr.

Updated April 2013